Straupes iela 3, Riga, LV-1073

Design of Industrial Machinery and Mechanisms

Our team provides extensive expertise in the fields of mechanical and industrial engineering. 

Ammusement Rides and Devices 

  • Vertical wind tunnels 
  • Wind simulators 
  • Ferris wheels 
  • Gondolas and cabins
  • Ammusement ride equipment
  • Automatic pressure doors 

Product development 

  • Fresh fruit juice self-service machines
  • Wind turbine robotized service systems 
  • Specialized military equipment 
  • Video camera case design 

Industrial Machinery 

  • Roll-forming line for wall partition profiles 
  • Longitudinal saws for woodworking
  • Transmissions and gear reducers 
  • Custom motion transmissions 
  • High power drive units 
  • Design of fan systems


  • Bulk conveyor systems
  • Telescopic coveyors


  • Self-supporting glass structures 
  • Platforms and stairs for technical maintenance 
  • Supporting structures according to Eurocode and EN1090


  • Calculations of composite material parts 
  • Aerodynamic calculations 
  • Fatigue calculations 
  • Strength calculations