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  1. Mechanical Design Services for Your Business 

For last 3 years we have provided engineering services for companies in the industry from Latvia and Scandinavia. 

In some cases our clients trust product development to us instead of creating and maintaining their own engineering department. In other cases we assist out client's engineering team with our know-how and separate assembly development. 

We work in close cooperation with our clients to ensure that the final product complies with all of the requirements. 

We work with our clients based on Open-book contracts, where each hour of labour is accounted for and fee is calculated based on an hourly rate. This method provides flexibility to our clients and improves the efficiency of the engineering process. 

  1. Design of Industrial Machinery and Mechanisms 

Our team provides extensive expertise in the fields of mechanical and industrial engineering. 

Ammusement Rides and Devices 

  • Vertical wind tunnels 
  • Wind simulators 
  • Ferris wheels 
  • Gondolas and cabins
  • Ammusement ride equipment
  • Automatic pressure doors 

Product development 

  • Fresh fruit juice self-service machines
  • Wind turbine robotized service systems 
  • Specialized military equipment 
  • Video camera case design 

Industrial Machinery 

  • Roll-forming line for wall partition profiles 
  • Longitudinal saws for woodworking
  • Transmissions and gear reducers 
  • Custom motion transmissions 
  • High power drive units 
  • Design of fan systems


  • Bulk conveyor systems
  • Telescopic coveyors


  • Self-supporting glass structures 
  • Platforms and stairs for technical maintenance 
  • Supporting structures according to Eurocode and EN1090


  • Calculations of composite material parts 
  • Aerodynamic calculations 
  • Fatigue calculations 
  • Strength calculations 
  1. Product development

WeMPS engineers provide full service commercial product development from economic feasibility studies to manufacturing provision. This includes: 

  • Technical and economical feasiblity studies 
  • Conceptual design development 
  • Prototyping and testing 
  • Preparation of the technical documentation 
  • Manufacturing and assembly provision
  • Product testing and improvement 

All the documentation that is made while developing a product is the intellectual property of our clients.