Design of Machinery and Mechanisms

We are specialized in the design of custom machinery by using Solidworks, Inventor and other specific engineering software. As part of this process we develop concepts, perform necessary calculations, develop 3D models and 2D production drawings, also we perform device testing if needed.

Mechanical and Finite Element Calculations

We perform calculations starting from simple kinematics like gear systems, to complex industrial and mechanical machinery FEM and fatigue calculations.

Production Documentation

We provide full industrial machinery and mechanism project documentation for our clients, which includes calculation reports, 3D models, DWG files, production drawings and specification.

Technical Consultations

9 of 10 times, when deciding about new machinery design, the right choice is to look for already existing solutions in the market, and only 1 out of 10 times a custom design is justified. However, deciding about this can often be a difficult process full of hidden obstacles. That's why we suggest looking for expert advice to arrive at the most time and money efficient solution. Often even a couple consultations with an expert of the appropriate field can be enough to find a suitable solution.